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The Story Behind swimRISE™

swimRISE™ is a one of a kind accessory for your swimsuit. It was created out of the necessity to add flare and comfort to your already existing swimsuit. Your swimRISE™ is a garment that is to be worn on top of your bikini bottoms or one-piece and is not a replacement for your swimsuit bottoms. Rather it is a skirt-like garment that has a compression band built into the top so you can feel like the sexy sassy confident woman that you are. The compression band was constructed so you no longer feel the need to hug a pillow, use a towel or a cover up when you’re sitting on the lawn chair, at the tiki bar or strolling the beach. swimRISE™ is a replacement for your cover up and is a way to enhance your swimsuit wardrobe without breaking the bank. The cost of swimsuits as we know can be pricey, but with your swimRISE™ you can dress up any swimsuit you already have.

There has never been made a swim able compression garment like ours.


The Story Behind Us


We are two women on a mission to Represent Individual’s Sizes Exquisitely. As a mother daughter duo with two very different opinions we both saw the need for the creation that is swimRISE™.

Georgiene (mother) woke up one morning in her South Florida condo not feeling too confident in her skin and knew she had plans to go on a boat with friends, meaning a swimsuit would need to be worn. After trying on every swimsuit in her closet, Georgiene decided to take it upon herself and do something to make her feel like the sexy woman she is. She proceeded to cut the top of a ruffled swimsuit bottom and place it over her favorite black one-piece to hide her hips. She was full of excitement about how fabulous her new look was. The top of the ruffled bottom added more style to her simple one-piece while simultaneously providing her with comfort and confidence to go out on the boat with her friends. With this, swimRISE™ was born. A compression garment created to be worn in and out of the water, that adds support and a new fashion aspect to an old swimsuit.

Avery (daughter) saw Georgiene wearing her self-made accessory and was instantly intrigued. She asked where she got it and when Georgiene described her morning Avery’s eyes lit up. Living in South Florida means every season is bathing suit season and Avery is constantly on the look for a new swimsuit, but cannot always afford the latest and greatest fashion out there. It can be hard to hand over your wallet for upward of $75 just for a bikini bottom. Avery saw how her mom’s invention transformed her swimsuit into something completely new and different and, the wheels started turning!

Whether you are feeling uncomfortable in your skin or are looking for a new way to show off your inner fashionista, Georgiene and Avery have created two lines of swimRISE™ with you in mind. The sexy line is exactly that, sexy, sleek and stylish. This line was created to show off your sexy self-confidence with a little sparkle added. The sassy line was created in an effort to enhance your flirty side with it’s cutesy ruffles and cheeky back side. Both lines include the compression band at the top and come in multiple different style options. When you’re strutting your stuff in your swimRISE™ the compression garment is unnoticeable on the outside and rather focuses on the style and pattern of your choosing. Say so-long sarong, si-a-narah to your cover up and ditch that towel at the tiki bar. Go directly from the water to anywhere without having to change or worry about covering up ever again!