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What sizes do swimRISE™ come in?
swimRISE™ has two lines, sassy and sexy. Each line comes in sizes Small, Medium, Large and XL. Please see the size chart below for further detail:







30 in.

32 in.

34 in.

36 in.


11 in.

11.5 in.

12 in.

12.5 in.

*our swimRISE is worn on your hips. Due to the two-way stretch in our fabrics, there is a 3-4 inch give in the hips dimension.

What is swimRISE™?
swimRISE™ is a swimsuit accessory to be worn on top of your swimsuit. It is a skirt-like garment that includes a compression garment in order to make you feel more comfortable in your swimsuit. More than a compression garment it is also an accessory to enhance your swimsuit and add style. It can be worn in and out of the water, including chlorine, salt and fresh water and is a replacement for your coverup.

What is my swimRISE™ made out of?
Your swimRISE™ accessory is made out of Nylon and Spandex and the compression garment is constructed with microblok technology. Microblok technology prevents bacteria and fungi from growing and spreading throughout your accessory.

How much does swimRISE™ cost?
swimRISE™ is priced at $69.99 USD, certain promotions and coupons may be utilized during certain offer and promotion periods.

Where can I purchase a swimRISE™?
swimRISE™ is only available online at
www.swimRISE.com and is available for shipping world-wide.

When do new lines of swimRISE™ come out?
swimRISE™ has limited edition styles, be sure to follow us on all social platforms to keep up with when a new line is released:

Facebook: swimRISE

Twitter: swimRISE

Instagram: swimRISE

Can I return my swimRISE™?
As all women come in different shapes and sizes we understand that swimRISE™ may not be for everyone. If you are dissatisfied with your swimRISE™ please reach out to us at info@swimrise.com with the issue and we will happily give you a full refund. We accept requests for returns / exchanges and refunds within the first 14 days after receiving your swimRISE™. In order to qualify for a return or exchange the garment must be in its original condition without any damage or being previously worn. Products that have been worn, used, altered or damaged in anyway will not be accepted for return or exchange. Shipping costs and credit card fees are all non-refundable.

How do I submit a request to return my swimRISE™?
simply email info@swimrise.com with a detailed reason as to why you would like to return your swimRISE™ and we will respond within 48 hours with instructions on how to do so.

How should I wash my swimRISE™?
Your swimRISE™ is a very delicate garment. In order to keep your swimRISE™ looking like new make sure to ring out all excess water upon taking it off, handwash cold and hang to dry.

Can I wear my swimRISE™ in the water without it being damaged?
swimRISE™ was built and tested to be able to be worn in all types of water. Whether in the ocean, lake or a swimming pool your swimRISE™ can be worn without worry of damage.