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Why swimRISE was developed....

My first Blog, how exciting! I have been learning so much in the world of social media with the launch of my new company.  I've become slightly addicted to Instagram, such great posts seeing the world on a daily basis through the eyes of others.  So now that I have Instagram down it's time to learn how to Blog, oh boy!

I was told to blog about my experiences with the development of swimRISE.  Here I go! To me it's a funny story one that inspired me to create a cover up that you didn't have to take off when you went swimming!  

Two years ago I was invited on my friends boat for a fun day of cruising, eating and drinking while soaking up the Florida sun.  I laid in bed  early that Sunday morning thinking about what swimsuit I would wear for the day on Barb's boat...all day showing my skin jumping in and out of the boat did not excite me when thinking about my body. I opened my drawer where there are litterly 20 different suits.I kept looking at that drawer and then a thought came to me. Cut the ruffle off of the one piece and tie it around my tummy just under my belly button and slightly above my bikini bottom.  Wow, it worked, it looked great.  I wore my make shift ruffle accessory that day and everyone loved it.  Most importantly, I felt comfortable hanging out on the boat and jumping in and out of it without complete exposer of my tummy and butt ! My friends encouraged my to develop the idea . Hence, with lots and lots of time in development to make it perfect swimRISE was born and ready to launch this past June!

Our product is much better than that ruffle I cut off another suit two years ago.  It now compresses your tummy and backside.  You never have to take it off once you slide it up over your one piece or bikini,  It is completely swimmable. And it makes your existing swimsuit look different (two looks )!

This new company has given me such joy.  Women I have never met have emailed me telling me how much they love their swimRISE accesory. Women who have bought one now have several. Last night I got home around 10pm (Boca midnight) and a text came in.  I thought who could be texting me so late on a Saturday evening.  It was a friend of my saying, she was out to dinner with a couple and this friend of hers Robin, was talking about her new cover-up. Cindy, my friend said I have two of them and the creator Georgiene is my pal.  Cindy went on in the text to tell me how Robin "absolutely loves me and her swimRISES"(This gal Robin had bought two) Robin doesn't know me nor I her but for her to express her love for me, the creator of this amazing feel good cover up is simply the best.

swimRISE was launched and is now here for all women, young and mature, small and large to enjoy!

It looks like a great beach day. Carpe diem!

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